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Wendy May, Founder 

All my life, I wanted a dessert that tasted as good as, or better than anything that has refined sugar. The Healthy Moose® was created with the ambition to help deliver great-tasting, plant-based food, minus all the preservatives, additives and sugar.



Clean Ingredients


Sugar Free

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free



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Great for Parties!


"Hello! My name is Eileen and I have been a long time lover of Healthy Moose. When I first tried it, I was AMAZED at how something so good could also be good for me! It’s creamy, rich in flavor, and is packed with so many good nutrients. I can easily eat a whole jar in one sitting and it’s the best because I feel great after!" - Eileen H.

"The Healthy Moose is my new favorite dessert! Not only is it healthy and guilt-free but it tastes amazing!" - Madelyn K.

"I love this product. If you’re passionate about clean, no preservatives or additives, vegan food then this mousse is it. My day starts with a little chocolate mousse and a sliced banana. It’s filling, it tastes great and best of all it's good for you. I’m totally hooked. :)" - Theresa H.




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