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"All my life, I wanted a dessert that tasted as good as, or better than, anything with sugar."- Founder, Wendy May

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Meet The Healthy Moose®

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Hi, I'm Wendy May!

At the age of 5, my identical twin sister was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. This was a very traumatic time for our whole family. From that day forward, our family learned to eat healthier and avoid refined sugar. I was constantly being tested for diabetes. So, all my life, I have tried to stay away from refined sugar. Everything has sugar in it, from breakfast cereal to ketchup. Virtually every product on the shelf of your grocery store has sugar listed as an ingredient. I was restricted to what I could eat. Its was very hard, especially as a child and as a teenager. I know how important a good clean nutritional diet is to support good health.


Later, when my oldest daughter decided to go vegan, I began to experiment in the kitchen, and I made my very first pumpkin pie mousse. I couldn't believe I could make a dessert, that tasted like pumpkin pie, yet had no refined sugar, was gluten-free, vegan, preservative free. This was a whole new world for me! In the last few years, I have perfected the mousse. As a promise, I will always make The Healthy Mousse with love, positive energy and a loving soul.


The Healthy Moose®

To provide a healthy plant based, no refined sugar alternative, that satisfies your taste buds, your body and your soul.


A great source of...






Vitamin B6

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E

Vitamin K


Heart Healthy Fats

Plant Protein

Bone Health

Brain Health


Our Family

We have been eating the mousse for a number of years.  Our favorite time to eat the mousse is at breakfast.  Probably the healthiest and best tasting breakfast choice out there.  Its super high in protein and provides the good fat that you need to burn efficient energy throughout the day.  Over time, our kids, our friends and our family have become fans and we have been fortunate and grateful to get more and more requests for The Healthy Moose.

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